Bad News Bears


  • Lobby

    Scenes from movie printed on 
card stock - for display in theater lobby.

  • Original

    Printed by movie studio in limited quantity for theater display.

  • Set of #

    Lobby cards or Stills sold as a set.

  • Creases

    Paper has been dinged on the edge or in the 
middle and small creases are shown.

  • Pin Holes

    Displayed at movie theaters; very small holes 
in the corners (made by push pins or staples).

  • Stains

    Dirt or other substances have touched 
the paper leaving marks behind

  • Crease

    There is 1 crease/mark on the poster

  • Tape

    There are tape marks/residue on the front and/or back of the poster from being displayed in theatres

  • Stain

    Dirt or other substance has touched 
the paper leaving a mark behind


Bad News Bears

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set of 4
Original, Creases, Pin holes, Tape, Stains, Set of lobby cards
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